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Pika dinner…

Well, I should be working… XD


39 Days Survivor Challenge

Day 2: Funniest Survivor —> NaOnka Mixon | Nicaragua • 9th

I know some people might not like her, and even hate her because she quit, but i loved NaOnka all the way up to the point where she decided to blindside Brenda. This girl is funny as hell, and Nicaragua wouldve been REALLY dull had it not been for her. Like everything that came out of her mouth was gold, and she was just PRICELESS in all of her tribal councils. I really wish she hadnt quit because she had some game and i know they wouldve casted her on another season had she just played out the rest of game.

(Honorable Mentions: Courtney Yates, Corinne Kaplan, Eddie Fox, and Brice Johnston)

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Is this what Australia looks like?

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me walking into the room